Fiber Internet for Your Business


Fiber optic is the fastest and most reliable connection to the internet with the lowest latency.


Fiber-Optic Internet Pricing

Currently only available to marion businesses

  • Silver - $84.95/mo.

    • 20 Mbps Download

    • 5Mbps Upload

  • Gold - $109.95/mo.

    • 50 Mbps Download

    • 10Mbps Upload

  • Platinum - $139.95/mo.

    • 100 Mbps+ Download

  • Dedicated Symmetrical Packages also available

-Installation fees vary and are based upon nearest fiber tie in point.

All package pricing includes taxes and fees and one free pc cleanup per year


Disclaimer and Contract

Service availability is based on proximity to tower and local terrain in your area. Two-year agreement required. Termination fee is $85 after the first 30 days.

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